Museum Exhibitions and Cultural Events in Medina

Medina is an exciting city that boasts vibrant nightlife, exquisite cuisine and fascinating history, making it a must for travelers. Luckily, its layout makes navigating and enjoying its offerings much simpler! A guided tour can show travelers all this magical city has to offer!

Medina offers many museum exhibits and cultural events to keep visitors occupied during their journey. Below is a selection of some of the top options.

1. Ithra Museum

Ithra Museum in Medina offers visitors a wealth of knowledge on its history, heritage and people.

The Medina Museum displays rare images, visual galleries and archaeological collections related to Medina that depict its historical development. These showcase how this city was formed over time.

This museum is an invaluable way of learning more about the Prophet Sl llh lyh wslm and Medina, its blessed city. Their exhibitions are informative and well curated.

Islamic calligraphic traditions are evident on the exterior walls of this building through three-dimensional designs that evoke their calligraphic tradition, sending out an important message of faith to Muslims worldwide and reflecting a deep bond between Arabic script and Islamic artistic expression.

2. Museo de las Ferias de Medina del Campo

The Museo de las Ferias de Medina del Campo offers visitors an amazing range of exhibitions and cultural events, providing insight into Medina’s history while giving an outlook into its present status.

The museum is divided into three sections, Prehistory and Protohistory, Roman Era and Late Antiquity as well as Medieval up until modern era objects and artifacts.

This museum is housed within an old temple building of the town. Here visitors can witness engravings, trophies, documents, agricultural objects and murals related to agrarian conflict during the 1930s.

3. Hospital de la Piedad y San Antonio Abad

The Hospital de la Piedad y San Antonio Abad Museum offers many interesting and educational exhibits, especially to children.

San Antonio 1718: Art from Viceregal Mexico has been on display since October 2017 and will return again in May of 2019 as a part of their Tricentennial exhibit. Additionally, they host various cultural events throughout the year at their museum.

This museum provides an excellent way to gain more insight into Medina and its surrounding area. They host exhibitions on topics ranging from desert ecology and regional history, to dinosaurs.

4. El Museo de Medina del Campo

El Museo de Medina del Campo is situated within a beautiful palace and hosts an array of exhibitions and cultural events. Showcasing works by some of today’s best artists like Titian, Goya, Caravaggio, VanGogh Gauguin Cezanne this museum boasts some of the best exhibits.

The museum boasts an extensive collection of religious art, which includes statues and other features found in monasteries, churches and religious buildings as well as an ornate 14th-century choir stall and other items with spiritual significance.

The museum boasts an impressive collection of contemporary art works by Picasso, Miro, Salvador Dali and Juan Gris.