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(Personal translation from Wikipedia, if there are any errors, please correct me)


Rennes Football Club was founded on March 10, 1901 by a group of students living in Brittany. At that time, football was widely circulated in the nearby regions and was soon brought to Brittany. The club赛博体育’s first game was a battle with FC Rennais two weeks later. Rennes lost 0-6. In 1902, Rennes joined the USFSA (French Sports Federation) federation and later became A founding member of the Brittany Football League established by the federation. In the second league season, the club defeated the first league champion FC Rennais 4-0 in the final and won the championship. On May 4, 1904, Rennes merged with rival FC Rennais to form the Stade Rennais University Club. Its main goal was to defeat Union Sportive Saint-Malo (then known as US Saint-Servan). To end its rule in the Breton League, the latter mainly dispatched British players. The new club uses the colors of the Rennes region, which includes a combination of red and black and black vertical stripes on the shirt. After Saint Malo dominated the league for three years, Rennes finally surpassed in 1908 under the leadership of Welsh coach Arthur Griffith. In the following season, Rennes won the league championship again, but in 1910, Rennes could not score three points, Saint Malo won the league championship by 2 points.

雷恩足球俱乐部由一群住在布列塔尼的学生于1901年3月10日成立。当时,足球在附近地区广泛流传,并很快被带到布列塔尼。俱乐部的第一场比赛是两周后与FC Rennais的战斗。雷恩输了0-6。 1902年,雷恩加入了USFSA(法国体育联合会)联合会,后来成为该联合会建立的布列塔尼足球联盟的创始成员。在第二个联赛赛季,俱乐部在决赛中以4-0击败了首个联赛冠军FC Rennais并获得了冠军。 1904年5月4日,雷恩与竞争对手FC Rennais合并,成立了Stade Rennais大学俱乐部。它的主要目标是击败联合运动圣马洛(当时被称为美国圣Servan)。为了结束在不列塔尼同盟中的统治,后者主要派遣了英国球员。新俱乐部使用雷恩地区的颜色,衬衫上包括红色和黑色以及黑色垂直条纹的组合。在圣马洛统治了联盟三年之后,雷恩终于在威尔士教练阿瑟·格赛博体育里菲斯(Arthur Griffith)的领导下超过了1908年。在接下来的赛季中,雷恩再次获得了联赛冠军,但是在1910年,雷恩无法获得3分,圣马洛获得2分。

(The Rennes football team in 1904)


After the First World War, Rennes began to focus on the French Cup that had just been founded. After getting Bernard Lenoble, Maurice Gastig, Ernest Morse and François Hugues captains, Rennes entered the finals. In the game, the club faced the two-time defending champion Red Star Olympique, with attacker Paul Nicolas (Paul Nicolas), defender Lucien Gamblin (Lucien Gamblin) and goalkeeper Pierre Charlie Gus (Pierre Chayriguès) led. The Red Stars scored in the fourth minute, and then after Raymond Centurbury scored, the game ended. After the dissolution of the USFSA in 1913, Rennes joined the Western League (Ligue de l'Ouest). In 1929, Rennes expressed opposition to the league's hopes for an increase in the number of games in the new season, and then left the league. This departure led to Rennes becoming a "free agent" and the club participated in many friendly matches to make up for the league losses.

第一次世界大战后,雷恩(Rennes)开始专注于刚刚成立的法国杯。在获得Bernard Lenoble,Maurice Gastig,Ernest Morse和FrançoisHugues的队长之后,雷恩进入了决赛。在比赛中,俱乐部面对了两届卫冕冠军红星奥林匹克,攻击者保罗·尼古拉斯(Paul Nicolas),后卫卢西安·加姆布林(Lucien Gamblin)和门将皮埃尔·查理·古斯(PierreChayriguès)率领。红星队在第四分钟得分,然后在雷蒙德·森特伯里得分后,比赛结束。 USFSA在1913年解散后,雷恩加入了西部联盟(Ligue de l'Ouest)。 1929年,雷恩(Rennes)表示反对联盟希望在新赛季增加比赛次数的希望,然后离开了联盟。这次离队导致雷恩成为“自由球员”,并且俱乐部参加了许多友谊赛,以弥补联盟的损失。



In July 1930, the National Committee of the French Football Federation (FFF) voted 128-20 to pass the professionalization of French football. Under the leadership of the club’s president Isidore Odorico,

1930年7月,法国足球联合会(FFF)全国委员会以128票对20票通过法国足球的职业化认证。在俱乐部主席伊西多尔·奥多里科(Isidore Odorico)的领导下,

Under the leadership of the new chairman Louis Girard (Louis Girard), Rennes experienced a major turmoil, which included the renovation of the stadium. Gillard sought to make Rennes competitive nationwide, and they achieved their first goal when the club was upgraded to the first league in 1958. Rennes ranked fourth in the 1964-65 season under the management of former club player Jean Prouff after six consecutive seasons in the lower position of the standings. In the same season, the club won the first major honor-the French Cup. Led by players such as Daniel Rodighiéro, Georges Lamia and Jean-Claude Lavaud, the Rennes rematch in the final China defeated UA Sedan-Torcy 3-1. The first round of the game ended 2-2 and needed a rematch. After winning the cup, Rennes participated in the European competition for the first time in the 1965-66 season. However, the club lost to Czechoslovak club Dukla Prague in the first round.

在新任主席路易斯·吉拉德(Louis Girard)的领导下,雷恩经历了一场重大动荡,包括体育场的翻新。吉拉德(Gillard)力求使雷恩(Rennes)在全国范围内具有竞争力,并在1958年将俱乐部升级为第一个联赛时实现了他们的第一个目标。雷恩(Rennes)在1964-65赛季由前俱乐部球员让·普罗夫(Jean Prouff)管理连续第六个赛季排名第四。排名较低的位置。在同一个赛季,俱乐部获得了首个重大荣誉-法国杯。在丹尼尔·罗迪吉罗(DanielRodighiéro),乔治·拉米亚(Georges Lamia)和让·克劳德·拉瓦德(Jean-Claude Lavaud)等球员的带领下,雷恩在中国决赛中的复赛以3-1击败了UA轿车-托西。比赛的第一轮以2-2结束,需要重新比赛。在赢得杯赛冠军之后,雷恩在1965-66赛季首次参加了欧洲比赛。然而,俱乐部在第一轮输给了捷克斯洛伐克俱乐部杜克拉(Dukla Prague)。



In the following years, Rennes struggled in the league, but performed well in the French Cup, reaching the semi-finals twice in 1967 and 1970. In 1971, Rennes won the second Coupe de France championship after defeating Lyon 1-0. The only goal came from a penalty kick from Andre Gay. On May 23, 1972, Rennes officially changed its name to its current form. After a season, Pruve left Rennes and the club fell like a free fall. From 1972 to 1994, Rennes was managed by 11 different people and hovered between the first and second leagues. In 1978, the club was on the verge of bankruptcy. Therefore, the club had to accept the court's request to sell its biggest earners and begin to tighten expenditures. In the 1980s, the city government acquired a majority stake in the club.

在随后的几年中,雷恩在联赛中苦苦挣扎,但在法国杯中表现出色,分别在1967年和1970年两次进入半决赛。1971年,雷恩在以1-0击败里昂后赢得了第二次法国双双冠军。唯一的进球来自安德烈·盖伊的点球。 1972年5月23日,雷恩正式更名为当前形式。一个赛季后,Pruve离开了雷恩,俱乐部像自由落体般倒下。从1972年到1994年,雷恩(Rennes)由11个不同的人管理,并徘徊在第一联赛和第二联赛之间。 1978年,俱乐部濒临破产。因此,俱乐部不得不接受法院的要求,出售其最大的收入者,并开始收紧开支。在1980年代,市政府收购了该俱乐部的多数股权。

In 1994, Rennes returned to the first league and entered a period of stability, mainly due to the club's use of the youth college. Rennes did not participate in the bidding war for the pursuit of players, but promoted their young players into the first team after the coach believed that the young players were ready. Facts have proved that this strategy has been successful in players such as Sylvain Wiltord, Jocelyn Gourvennec and Ulrich Le Pen. In 1998, the club was sold to François Pinault by the municipality. Pino invested a lot of money in the club and improved Rennes's ability to train young talents by establishing a training center, which was completed in 2000. Pino also paid for the full reconstruction of the stadium and supplemented the transfer fee. The team also recruited several players from South America, the most famous of which was Lucas Severino (Lucas Severino), for which Rennes spent a record 21 million euros.

1994年,雷恩回到了第一个联赛,并进入了一段稳定时期,这主要是由于俱乐部使用了青年学院。雷恩没有参加追逐球员的竞标战,但是在教练认为年轻球员已经准备好之后,将他们的年轻球员晋升为第一阵容。事实证明,这种策略在Sylvain Wiltord,Jocelyn Gourvennec和Ulrich Le Pen这样的球员中很成功。 1998年,该俱乐部被市政当局出赛博体育app下载售给FrançoisPinault。皮诺在俱乐部投入了大量资金,并通过建立一个培训中心(该中心于2000年完工)来提高雷恩训练年轻才华的能力。皮诺还支付了体育场的全部改建费用,并支付了转会费。球队还从南美招募了几名球员,其中最著名的是卢卡斯·塞韦赛博体育里诺(Lucas Severino),雷恩为此花费了创纪录的2100万欧元。

The results of such work were immediate in the decade from 2000 to 2010. Rennes appeared in UEFA-approved European competitions in 5 out of 10 seasons. In terms of youth production, the club has cultivated some young talents, such as Yann M'Vila, Yacine Brahimi, Jimmy Briand and Abdoulaye Diallo. In the league, Rennes finished fourth in the 2004-05 season, tied for the best results since the league was founded. After two seasons, the club once again achieved this feat. In 2009, Rennes entered the French Cup final for the fourth time. In the final, Rennes faced Guingamp, also from Brittany. Despite taking the lead in the second half, after Guingamp scored two goals in ten minutes, Rennes lost 1-2 to their opponents. In 2014, Rennes broke into the French Cup final, their opponent is still Guingamp. In the tense final, Rennes once again lost to their opponents 0:2. In the 2017-2018 Ligue 1 league, Rennes achieved the best results in recent decades, finishing 5th and qualifying for the European League.

这项工作的结果在2000年至2010年这十年间是立竿见影的。雷恩(Rennes)在10个赛季中就有5个出现在UEFA认可的欧洲比赛中。在青年制作方面,俱乐部培养了一些年轻的才华,例如扬恩·维拉(Yann M'Vila),雅辛·卜拉希米(Yacine Brahimi),吉米·布莱恩(Jimmy Briand)和阿卜杜拉耶·迪亚洛(Abdoulaye Diallo)。在联赛中,雷恩(Rennes)在2004-05赛季获得第四名,并获得联盟成立以来的最佳成绩。经过两个赛季,俱乐部再次实现了这一壮举。 2009年,雷恩第四次进入法国杯决赛。在决赛中,雷恩面对来自布列塔尼的Guingamp。尽管在下半场取得领先,但是在Guingamp在十分钟内打进两球后,雷恩队以1-2输给了对手。 2014年,雷恩(Rennes)闯入法国杯决赛,他们的对手依旧是Guingamp。在紧张的决赛中,雷恩再次以0:2输给了对手。在2017-2018年Ligue 1联赛中,雷恩(Rennes)取得了近几十年来的最佳成绩,获得了第5名并获得了欧洲联赛的资格。

In 2019, Rennes won the third French Cup title on April 27th. In the final, Rennes played Paris Saint-Germain. The French Cup champions of the past four years are the favorites to beat Rennes, and they have also won the 2018-19 French Ligue 1 championship on April 21. Rennes rebounded after being scored two goals and defeated Paris Saint-Germain 6-5 in a penalty shootout.


In the 2019-20 season, Rennes finished third in the Ligue 1 and qualified for the 2020-21 UEFA Champions League for the first time in history.

在2019-20赛季,雷恩(Rennes)取得了Ligue 1的第三名,并首次获得2020-21年欧洲冠军联赛(UEFA)冠军资格。

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