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A few years ago, former Premier League referee Jeff Winter met his deceased at a London Underground station. Winter, who has always been serious on the court, has turned from an iron judge into a gentleman.


"That was Ian Wright," Winter recalled. Winter himself has retired after the 2004 FA Cup final. "Sometimes I see Ian in an Arsenal game, and every time he gives me a hug, and then we talk for a while. At the subway station that day, he gave me a big hug. He was too hard. I almost got angry. He said: "Remember the good old days? I remember you gave me a yellow card in the game against Aston Villa...that's not a fake, I'll tell you!" He said with a grin.

温特回忆说:“那是伊恩·赖特。”温特本人在2004年足总杯决赛后退役。 “有时候我会在阿森纳的比赛中看到伊恩,每次他给我一个拥抱,然后我们聊一会儿。那天在地铁站,他给了我一个大大的拥抱。他太努力了。我几乎生气了他说:“还记得过去的美好时光吗?我记得你在对阵阿斯顿维拉的比赛中给了我一张黄牌……那不是假的,我告诉你!”他咧嘴一笑。

"Some of them are currently very lovable on TV, but they were nightmares for referees on the court before. I remember that after I retired, two weeks after the 2004 FA Cup final, Wright was invited to play. A veteran game. The moment Wright came on the bench, I secretly groaned. It was a friendly veteran game, but he was obviously unfriendly as soon as he played. He yelled at me."


It's not just Winter who said that. Former Premier League referee David Ellery once described Wright and his national teammate Gascoigne as "moody" people. Ellery said: "They will often be happy one second before they will open their teeth and dance their claws the next second."

不仅是温特这么说。英超前裁判戴维·埃勒里(David Ellery)曾经将赖特和他的国家队友加斯科因(Gascoigne)描述为“喜怒无常”的人。埃勒里说:“他们通常会快乐一秒钟,然后下一秒钟才张开牙齿跳舞。”

We often hear famous players, coaches or commentators making irresponsible remarks to the referees, but we rarely hear what the referees think of these people.


This article will analyze the relationship between referees and players, and explore what the judges in black feel about the players on the court.


Although the referees appear to be cold in the law enforcement, in fact many of them are hardcore fans. The current Premier League referee Andrey Marina is an Aston Villa fan, who has been a frequent visitor to the Harald stand since he was a child. Recently, Marina also participated in the enforcement of the League Cup final between Aston Villa and Manchester City held at Wembley Stadium. Unfortunately, Aston Villa lost 1-2 in the end.

尽管裁判在执法中表现冷淡,但实际上其中许多人都是铁杆球迷。现任英超联赛裁判安德烈·玛丽娜(Andrey Marina)是阿斯顿维拉球迷,他从小就一直是哈拉尔德(Harald)摊位的常客。最近,玛丽娜还参加了在温布利球场举行的阿斯顿维拉和曼城之间的联赛杯决赛的执行。不幸的是,阿斯顿维拉最终输了1-2。

Mike Dean was photographed in the stands a while ago celebrating Tranmere's victory over the Green Forest in the semi-finals of the League Two playoffs.

前不久,迈克·迪恩(Mike Dean)在看台上被拍照,庆祝特兰米尔(Tranmere)在联赛第二季后赛的半决赛中战胜了绿森林。

Former Premier League referee Bobby Madley will enforce football league games next season. He is his hometown. He is home to the Premier League, the Football League and the Football Association League. The football league includes three levels: the Championship, League One and League Two. The best scorer in history of the Osset United Youth Team. Madley has scored 91 goals in a season and also played for Leeds United and Barnsley. The 34-year-old Madley is a star in the refereeing world. After all, he has competed with Rooney on the same court.

英超前裁判鲍比·麦德利(Bobby Madley)下赛季将加强足球联赛的比赛。他是他的家乡。他是英超,足球联赛和足协的所在地。足球联赛包括三个级别:冠军联赛,第一联赛和第二联赛。奥塞特联合青年队历史上最好的得分手。麦德利一个赛季已经打入91球,还效力于利兹联和巴恩斯利。现年34岁的Madley是裁判界的明星。毕竟,他曾与鲁尼在同一场比赛中竞争。

Many referees take pride in playing the same game with top stars. In February this year, the All England referees sorority was held. The aforementioned Madley made a speech on the Paulton Wanderers of the Southern League team. The audience was mostly young referees. Madley recalled the scene when he first went to Old Trafford to enforce the law. Madley told the past happily, and his Old Trafford debut was quite inspiring.

许多裁判为与顶尖球星同场比赛而感到自豪。今年2月,举行了全英裁判的联谊会。前面提到的Madley在南方联赛球队的Paulton Wanderers上发表了讲话。观众多为年轻裁判。麦德利回忆起他第一次去老特拉福德执行法律时的情景。麦德利愉快地讲述了过去,他在老特拉福德的处子秀颇具启发性。

Madley recalled: "I always wanted to go to Old Trafford to play games. They were the best team in the 1990s. I was nervous at the time, not because of the big players, but their head coach. He is a legend, of course it is not important to me as a Huddersfield fan, but he is a legend in the entire football world. At that time I kept wondering:'What should I call him? I should call him Alec S? Or Mr. Ferguson? Is it too much to call Sir Alex?'


"I have to go to the locker room to check the equipment. I went straight to the Manchester United locker room, hoping to get an answer from a certain staff member. However, Ferguson answered my question personally. I really don't know what to say. I have a brain. Blank, I should have said'Hello, Alex.' But what I blurted out was'Hey, how are you, dear.' I have never chased a star before.


"Hello, dear'? He responded calmly and walked in, and then I started to check the equipment. Sitting next to me was Michael Irving, who scored a great goal in the 1998 World Cup. I’ve seen these people as heroes since I was a kid, and now I suddenly work with them. I’ve played against Rooney a few times before, and we are the same age. Because we played seven years ago, I recognized him and was with him. The front stopped. Then he looked up at me. It was obvious that I was not good at playing before, so he had no impression of me."


Then it's time to play. Madley continued: "After coming out of the locker room, turn right for two consecutive times and you will reach the player's aisle. The aisle is sloped, so you can't see the court when you enter the aisle. We need to walk in front of the players and stand at the exit. , Behind him are 22 rich men, some of the best players in the world.

然后是时候玩了。 Madley继续说:“走出更衣室后,连续右转两次,您将到达球员的过道。过道是倾斜的,因此进入过道时看不到球场。我们需要走进去在他身后是22名富翁,其中一些是世界上最好的球员。

"My heart is pounding. There are 75,000 fans out there. If I invite my mother, I also have a fan on the scene. If not, I will be alone. I have to control myself, I have to Calm down. The fans want to see a perfect game. One misjudgment is enough to cause a disaster. There are countless voices in your head telling you: Don’t go any further, go back to the locker room, pack your things back Go home.


"Human instinct tells me that this will be a strict test, and it is impossible to pass it easily. I like challenges, but I will never enjoy this process. But I have another trait that pushes me forward: self-confidence ."


The referees unanimously agreed that in the first few games of their career, the players would be critical of them. In an interview with The Athletic, Winter said: "Players and clubs will test you repeatedly. The refereeing business confirms the truth that "everything is hard at the beginning." In theory, you can do the job, but as a newcomer you lack knowledge. , Experience and the most important thing-the respect of others.

裁判一致同意,在职业生涯的前几场比赛中,球员将对他们进行批评。温特在接受《 The Athletic》采访时说:“球员和俱乐部将反复测试你。裁判界证实了一个事实,即“一切都很艰难。”从理论上讲,你可以胜任这项工作,但作为一个新手,你就缺乏知识,经验和最重要的事情-尊重他人。

"The first Premier League game I whistled was Nottingham Forest against Chelsea. There were famous players like Mark Hughes, Stewart Pierce and Vialli on both sides. They are all world-class stars who have participated in several World Cups. I was just a newcomer in the refereeing world."


In the autobiography "Middleman", Howard Weber mentioned his second Premier League game whistled and the first conversation with Bolton captain Kevin Nolan.


Weber wrote: “Nolan pretended to be concerned and said to me,'Referee, calm down, calm down, you look too nervous, too irritable. I know this is your second game, buddy, but there is no need to I made it like this by myself. "Perhaps I am a little nervous, but I am not stupid. I know Nolan too much, as Bolton coach Allardys later said, Nolan tried to give me a This rookie referee has a little bit of color.

韦伯写道:“诺兰装腔作势,对我说:'裁判,冷静下来,冷静下来,你看上去太紧张,太烦躁了。我知道这是你的第二场比赛,哥们,但是我没有必要自己做。 “也许我有点紧张,但我并不傻。我对诺兰的了解太多,正如博尔顿教练阿拉迪斯后来说的那样,诺兰试图给我一个新秀裁判的色彩。

"In order to give the team a psychological advantage, Allardys often does everything. I don't think Nolan will investigate this is my first game, and he will definitely not just say it casually. It must be instigated by others, and has ulterior motives."


It is a long process from a rookie referee to an elite referee, which usually takes more than ten to twenty years.


Keith Hackett, 75, is the most senior first batch of Premier League referees and has served as the chairman of the Premier League referee committee. He told The Athletic reporter: "I still remember a game at Anfield many years ago. I was really nervous. Dalglish fouled the opposing player first and he could see that he was emotional. Liverpool captain Emlyn -Hughes (Emlyn Hughes) came over to me and complained endlessly. This is an experienced captain. He found that I was a newcomer, so he deliberately stimulated me to see how I respond.

75岁的基思·哈克特(Keith Hackett)是英超联赛裁判中最高级的第一批,并曾担任英超联赛裁判委员会主席。他对《体育报》记者说:“我还记得很多年前在安菲尔德的一场比赛。我真的很紧张。达格利什首先犯规了对方对手,他可以看出自己很激动。利物浦队长艾米琳-休斯(埃姆琳·休斯)来到了我无休止地抱怨着,这是一位经验丰富的队长,他发现我是新来的,所以他刻意激励我看看我的反应。

"I was as nervous as the players. I told him:'Okay, what is your name?' He looked at me as if I had come from an alien. I repeated:'What's your name? 'He said:'I am the captain of the England national team, kid.' I said:'Perhaps you are, but I have to write your name in my notebook.' Then I started to mutter and spell: 'HEMELI, just like the beer brand Hemeling.


"He said:'Are you from an alien?' I replied:'No, listen, I know you are the captain of England, but you have to be like a captain.' Then he treated me a lot more, I did this because he had touched my bottom line before. After many years, we were all acquainted. When he played at Sheffield United, I whistled their game on a Sunday morning. He told me: ' This is a bit different from Anfield.' I said:'Yeah, Hemeling.'"


In recent years, the relationship between referees and players has become increasingly tense. There is more than one reason for this situation today. In the two decades since the Premier League’s restructuring, more and more cameras have been installed in the stadium, and the lens is suspected of abuse. As more and more game clips flow out, the referees have also become wary of the players. In order to improve the situation of referees, England launched a "respect referee" campaign in 2008.


The players repeatedly released videos or photos, and the referees began to retaliate. Hackett explained: "The mutual trust between players and referees is getting less and less. If a player picks up things for you, you might say,'Do you think I have a problem with it? How many points did you miss? Chances, kid? "The relationship between referees and players was not as bad as it is now."


To this day, there are still many people in the refereeing circle talking about the incident that almost ended Mark Kratenberg's career in 2012. At that time, Kratenberg was accused of saying "inappropriate words" to Chelsea midfielder Mikel, but then due to lack of evidence, the FA and the police stopped the investigation of Kratenberg.


Hackett said: "The treatment Mark received afterwards reflects the seriousness of the situation. Obviously, people want the referee to be low-key, low-key and low-key, the less personality the better."


Winter is also an veteran referee who has served since the beginning of the Premier League. He said: "

温特也是一位资深裁判,自英超联赛开始以来就一直在服役。他说: ”

"Everyone needs to be cautious about what they say and what they do. This season, there was a problem between Jonathan Moss and a Bournemouth player (Dan Gosling). At the time, Moss probably said, " Don't blame me, you would have been at the bottom of the Premier League without me. You can't play, don't blame me.' And this remark was quickly made public.


"Former Sunderland player Alex Ray has said many times,'If I poke every word of disrespect that Jeff Winter has said to me to the media, then I might have to prepare something. It’s an office.’ In the past there were stories between referees and players, but it’s not the same now. Many of us now talk about these old things and make some living expenses.

“前桑德兰球员亚历克斯·雷(Alex Ray)说过很多次,“如果我不满杰夫·温特(Jeff Winter)对媒体说过的每句话,我可能不得不做些准备。这是一个办公室。”裁判和球员,但现在不一样了,我们中的许多人现在谈论这些旧事物并赚一些生活费。

"Recently I often hear a saying,'When was the last time you saw a referee smile on the court?' This sentence doesn't seem to be just a talk. The referee is good at doing his job, but look. They can be happier when they get up."


In the more extensive years, referees used physical movements to resolve conflicts or disperse protesters.


The picture below is a classic picture. After Gary Neville and Manchester City captain Steve McManaman top the bulls, Winter uses his strong arms and huge body to separate Manchester United No. 2 from the side.

下面的图片是经典图片。在加里·内维尔(Gary Neville)和曼城队长史蒂夫·麦克马纳曼(Steve McManaman)击败公牛之后,温特用他的强壮的手臂和巨大的身体将第二名曼联队分开。

In 2004, after the former Leicester City player Ian Walker clashed with a local fan, Winterer also escorted the former away from danger. Winter said: "We were all near the middle circle. The fan and goalkeeper Ian Walker were 60 yards apart, but something was clearly happening between the two. Ian looked agitated and seemed ready to rush over , Maybe he was really irritated. I was the first to rush to the scene, faster than any other staff and players. I hugged Ian with a bear and dragged him out of the conflict zone.

2004年,前莱斯特城球员伊恩·沃克(Ian Walker)与当地球迷发生冲突后,温特尔(Winterer)护送前者远离危险。温特说:“我们都在中间圈附近。球迷和守门员伊恩·沃克相距60码,但是两者之间显然发生了一些事情。伊恩看上去很激动,似乎准备冲过去,也许他真的很生气。我当时第一个赶到现场的人,比其他任何员工和球员都快。我抱着一只小熊抱着伊恩,把他拖出了冲突区。

"I said to him:'For God's sake, don't beat him, or I have to send you out.' He was the home team goalkeeper and they were abused by the away team Aston Villa that game. He was sent off. It will get worse. In those days, I could get a round of applause by doing this. Now, I dare not move a single hair of a player."


Some players and coaches will express their dissatisfaction with the referee clearly. In the face of the roar from the sidelines like Klopp, the experienced top referee will scream back.


An active Premier League referee once said: "I hate someone from the sidelines yelling at me. Once someone does that, I will show my attitude-instead of letting him mess me up, I would rather let him off the stage. "


Weber explained how the Premier League referees deal with those difficult games. Weber said: "First we need to list the players we like and dislike, then compare the previous whistle-blowing notes, and finally formulate player management methods. Finally, the referees’ "good guys list" and "bad guys list" are almost identical .


"I tend to have a good relationship with players who have a strong personality and are willing to communicate-as for their views and attitudes, that are secondary. These players include Joey Button, Robbie Savage, Mark Nou Bull, Danny Mills, Kevin Nolan, etc. On the contrary, another type of players are either cold or pretentious. These dull gourds never actively communicate with the referee, but their vicious eyes and contemptuous body language always It drives me crazy.


"Lyman and Bellamy are representatives-they usually don't say anything, but the next second can make you angry. Such players also include Fabregas, Shawcross and Torres. About Torres , His performance is closely related to his own state. In Liverpool’s time, he was infinitely beautiful, and he was the referee’s favorite kind of good boy, but after Chelsea, he has been asking for trouble."


Regarding Bellamy, Weber told two stories about Welsh people. These misdeeds made Bellamy the "public enemy" of the referees. The first story happened at the beginning of the 2013-14 season. As the captain of Cardiff City, Bellamy led his team to London to challenge West Ham United. Before the game, the two sides exchanged player roster outside the referee's office. As soon as he saw Webber, Bellamy joked, ‘Hey, I’m not mistaken, it’s still a famous whistle. ’

关于贝拉米,韦伯讲了两个关于威尔士人的故事。这些不当行为使贝拉米成为了裁判的“公共敌人”。第一个故事发生在2013-14赛季初。作为卡迪夫城的队长,贝拉米率队前往伦敦挑战西汉姆联。比赛开始前,双方在裁判办公室外交换了球员名单。贝拉米一见韦伯,就开玩笑说:“嘿,我没记错,这仍然是个著名的口哨。 ’

If this can be explained by his jokes, then the one more time ago was much worse. Weber wrote: "Shortly after the 2010 World Cup, I was the fourth official in a game at Anfield, when I was sitting quietly in my seat in the technical zone. Bellamy was sitting on the Liverpool bench. When he turned his head, he suddenly found me sitting behind him. "Oh, you, damn idiot," he yelled at me. "You messed up a World Cup by your skill, right?"


"I don't want to surrender myself and use harsh words to refute like him, so I just pretended not to hear. Then I thought about it, there are really few guys more offensive than Bellamy."


There is another question that is of interest to everyone, and that is how different referees have different views of the same player. For example, Bellamy, former Premier League referee Mark Halsey has a good impression of him.

还有一个每个人都感兴趣的问题,那就是不同的裁判员对同一球员的看法如何。例如,前英超联赛裁判马克·哈尔西(Mark Halsey)的贝拉米(Bellamy)对他有很好的印象。

Halsey recalled in an interview with The Athlete: "Some players will cause you trouble-I never complain to others,'That player has a poor mouth.' I will say in the player tunnel,' Listen, buddy, I don’t want to hear your thoughts today. All you have to do is play and enjoy the game.'You need to influence them before they kick off.


"Craig (Bellamy) is very good because he knows how to stop. Sometimes I will make a little concession, and I will warn him with more casual words. Even if we had an argument during the game, he will be dedicated after the game. Come and shake hands with me. He will say,'I feel good, I like referees who can bend and stretch.' If he is too much, I will say,'Enough is enough, otherwise I will clean up you.' At this time you need to be righteous."


Halsey was more cautious when talking about the previous “respect referee” activities in England. He said: “Bellamy is a famous tough guy. People often talk about Button. As a referee, I hope every time There are 22 Buttons on the court every week. From the referee's point of view, I think he is a polite person.


"If I have a problem with any of Barton’s teammates, I can find Barton and say to him,'Joey, you go to stabilize his mood, if you ask me to come, maybe it will be a yellow card, you can help He’s free from punishment.’ Joey will say, “Okay, leave it to me.” Then he will be able to complete the task. If I were a player, I wouldn’t be willing to head-to-head with Button. Hard work, and for some players, you have to be more mindful. I'm not commenting on any players, I'm just trying to understand them in depth, and I'm really not afraid of them."


People usually take it for granted that referees are neutral mediators and do not have any personal feelings towards players. At this point, the referees have admitted that their opinions on players will not affect their whistles.


"It's human nature," Winter said. "Everyone thinks that referees and everyone are good to others. In fact, this is a misunderstanding of those of us. You are not on the court to make friends or give lessons to someone. If you think so, then you are probably in the wrong line.

温特说:“这是人的天性。” “每个人都认为裁判员和每个人都对他人有益。实际上,这是对我们这些人的误解。您不是在法庭上结交朋友或给别人上课。如果您这样认为,那么您很可能在法庭上错误的行。

"As a referee, I haven't said a word to Roy Keane in my entire career. I recently watched Keane's documentary with Vieira, and Keane in it was smiling and very charming. But on the court, he is completely focused on the game. He does not want to waste time talking to the referee.


"To be honest, just take this attitude towards him. I respect him. But he is not the kind of player who can be won or get along well with you, and he is not the kind of player who works with you. For other players, we and many people We can all get along well. Unlike the teachers and students in the school, there is no difference between us and the players. This can really improve most of the interpersonal relationships.


But some players are more difficult. "These include Thomas Repka of West Ham United," Winter continued. "His way of speaking is like this,'Okay, go on, Brother referee. You think you look smart when you play a card to me, don't you?', but he can only make our relationship worse. Players with a bad reputation will say, “Well, I’m the one who accepts, every time you play a game, you must give me a card.” In fact, the referee and the red and yellow cards in their hands do not have the ability to brush their faces. The players are warned or They were sent off because they did something wrong.

但是有些玩家更加困难。温特继续说:“其中包括西汉姆联队的托马斯·雷普卡。” “他的讲话方式是这样的,'好吧,兄弟裁判,你觉得当你给我打牌时,你看起来很聪明,不是吗?'但他只会使我们的关系变得更糟。声誉不好的人会说:“好吧,我是接受的人,每当您玩游戏时,都必须给我一张卡。”实际上,裁判和他们手中的红卡和黄牌没有刷脸的能力,会警告球员或他们因做错了事而被遣散。

"Many years later, on a social occasion, some retired players came up to me and said,'Jeff, we had trouble with you before, but after each event, we all understand what to do is right. .'The players are also changing.


"Speaking of the former Leeds United and Manchester United player Alan Smith, the last time he gave me a very bad impression on the court, he was full of swear words and plausible for every penalty. In the era when the camera was facing the players all day, some players still Laughing and cursing all day, ignoring the feelings of others, Alan Smith is one of them.


"I have also seen him off the court. He is a very quiet guy, even a little shy. After the game, you have the opportunity to meet a player like him in the bar, and then you will have a good chat for a while. Sometimes you will Thought: "Is this still the guy who disturbed me for 90 minutes? "

“我也曾在场外见过他。他是一个非常安静的人,甚至有点害羞。赛后,您有机会在酒吧遇见一个像他这样的球员,然后您将与他聊天。一会儿,有时你会想:“这还是打扰我90分钟的那个人吗? ”

In today's Premier League, the referees have done their homework physically and mentally in order to prepare for the match. They will turn to sports psychologists, and will use the video data on the WyScout platform to conduct in-depth analysis of the play and tactics of the Premier League teams. (Annotation: WyScout is a digital football platform headquartered in Italy)

在当今的英超联赛中,裁判员在身体上和心理上都做了功课,为比赛做准备。他们将求助于体育心理学家,并将使用WyScout平台上的视频数据对英超联赛球队的比赛和战术进行深入分析。 (注解:WyScout是总部位于意大利的数字足球平台)

At the same time, the teams have also invested an unprecedented amount of energy to study the referees. A staff member who had worked under Alledes recalled: "Big Sam (referring to Alledes) has a tactical board with all the referees' data. He once said,'He paid for this behavior. He punished a lot of people for that behavior. He often whistled this kind of foul-how about it, the referees can't do it so meticulously.' And Big Sam's tactical board is updated every week.

同时,各队还投入了空前的精力来研究裁判员。一位在Alledes领导下工作的工作人员回忆说:“ Big Sam(指Alledes)有一个战术委员会,上面装有所有裁判员的数据。他曾经说过,'他为这种行为付费。他为这种行为惩罚了很多人。他经常吹口哨,但裁判却不能这么细心。” Big Sam的战术委员会每周更新一次。

"Guardiola is indeed the world's top tactician, but he still needs to work hard on refereeing behavior. Look at Manchester City's away loss to Liverpool. After the game, Guardiola excitedly held referee Oliver's hand. , To satirize the latter’s sentence. I am sure that he does not do his homework in this regard.


A Manchester City executive revealed how Pep Guardiola's analysis team studied the Premier League referees when they first came to Manchester City. With the help of their experience in Spain and Germany, based on the referees’ penalties, they found that the team’s performance How much intensity should be used in high position pressure and tactical fouls. Guardiola scratched his head for the referee in the middle of the 2016-17 season, because the team's main midfielder Fernandinho had been sent off 3 times in 6 games.


The preparations of the referees are also unambiguous. Hackett can still recall the past when he and his colleagues discussed how to deal with Gascoigne. Hackett said: "If Gascoigne sits on the bench, then the referee has to be careful. He will be dangling anxiously in the technical zone, emotionally very unstable, and a few times he could not be on the bench. Received the yellow card in two minutes.

裁判员的准备工作也很明确。当哈克特和他的同事们讨论如何与加斯科因打交道时,他仍然可以回想起过去。哈克特说:“如果加斯科因坐在板凳上,那么裁判必须要小心。他将在技术区焦虑不安地晃来晃去,情绪上非常不稳定,有几次他不能坐在板凳上。他收到了黄牌。 2分钟。

"He is like a kettle with boiling water. The first person who provokes him is often unable to eat. After discussion, the referees' strategy is: if he is in the technical zone, the referee will step in Uriah Rennie, who has had successful experience, said very clearly that if Gascoigne is ready to play, he will replace the assistant referee to check the former's equipment.

“他就像开水的水壶。激怒他的第一个人通常无法赛博体育进食。经过讨论,裁判员的策略是:如果他在技术区,裁判员将进入曾受审的Uriah Rennie。成功经验很清楚地说,如果加斯科涅准备比赛,他将代替助理裁判检查前者的装备。

"He would walk up to Gascoigne and say,'Although I don't understand why the coach put you on the bench, you can definitely change the situation on the court.' You can also pretend to chat with him at will, let He is no longer so anxious, such as'Don't be too much for a while, if you can't do it, just stay here.' Our approach has always worked."


With the internationalization of the Premier League referee team, some referees have tried new methods. In order to better communicate with foreign aid, Weber learned some Spanish.


Winter said: "The referees have their own methods. I remember that when Zola played at Chelsea, there were also several Italian players in Derby County. I only speak a few Italian words, such as'hello', ' Good afternoon','ten yards','enough' and so on. It feels like going on vacation. Several of us have learned how to say'two pints of beer' in Spanish. If the waiter comes back and asks in Italian Need something, even if we can only struggle to say a few crappy words, they will be grateful. Take Zola, now every time we happen to meet him, we can greet him warmly."


Sometimes, things that are recognized by the people will be concentrated in a game. Ferguson and his Manchester United team are often criticized for besieging referees. Perhaps the most famous is the time when Roy Keane led the Red Devils to besiege referee Andy De Urso, which happened in January 2000.

有时,人们认可的事物会集中在游戏中。弗格森和他的曼联队经常因为围攻裁判而受到批评。也许最著名的是罗伊·基恩(Roy Keane)带领红魔队围攻裁判安迪·德·乌索(Andy De Urso)的事件,发生在2000年1月。

As De Urso’s colleague, Winter recalled: “In football history, the teams that have won the most championships cannot tolerate failure. Once they fail, they will be very annoyed. Arsenal is a good example. During the unbeaten season of the Gunners, although I never sent off any of their players, the court discipline of that team was very serious.

正如德乌索(De Urso)的同事一样,温特回忆说:“在足球历史上,赢得最多冠军的球队不能容忍失败。一旦失败,他们会很生气。阿森纳就是一个很好的例子。在枪手保持不败的赛季中,尽管我从未遣散过任何球员,但那支球队的球场纪律非常严谨。

"I will not punish a player easily, and I am not a psychologist. I have not been under siege and I don't know if it is my luck or some other reason. Keane will treat De Urso like that Me, Webber or Boll? I don't know, but one thing is certain. Manchester United under Ferguson was indeed very strong.


"In Ipswich, as a rookie, I once whistled a Manchester United game. At that time, I was surrounded by Manchester United players. Then I banged out three yellow cards. I think Manchester United players have never I have never suffered this kind of loss. My relationship with Manchester United has never been harmonious because I have never succumbed to them. I say this not to show off, I just do things the way I think is right."


Although the referees will work hard to manage each player on the court, the relationship between the two sides is still unspeakable. Before the season, referees will visit various clubs from house to house to explain the changes in the penalty rules for the new season. In addition to explaining the new rules, the contact between the referees and the club was limited to the court, and the lack of other necessary communication channels between the two sides indirectly increased the confrontation between the two groups.


Some referees will try to create a friendly atmosphere. For example, Halsey will often congratulate players who scored. He said: "A lot of times there are players who shoot long distances. My position will be behind him. Sometimes I will shout,'This goal is scored!' I remember Alan Shearer once scored against Everton. A great goal, and then I walked over to him and said it was a great goal.

有些裁判会赛博体育尝试营造友好的气氛。例如,哈尔西(Halsey)经常会祝贺得分的球员。他说:“很多时候都有远距离投篮的球员。我的位置会在他身后。有时我会大喊,'进球了!'我记得艾伦·希勒(Alan Shearer)曾经对埃弗顿(Everton)进球,然后我走向他,说那是一个伟大的进球。

"I also appreciate when goalkeepers make great saves. You have to actively participate in the game. Sometimes players will say,'Don't talk to me.' I will say,'Well, I won't say anything.' But often there is something wrong. They will still come to you, at this time I will say, "You don't want me to talk to you, so hurry up and go." Then they will say again, "I'm sorry, Mark, I was too Impulsive.'


"This is a management method. Treat them as adults, not children in school, and at the same time have to take care of each other's face. I remember one time when I whistled against Stoke, I was walking on the court. , Kenwayne Jones is also warming up. He put his arms around my neck and said, "Oh, we are all very happy to see you play the game."


"In fact, the players know more about the referees and understand their tolerance limits. Many players complain to you in every game, but the important thing is how you communicate with them. I see that many referees are too strong now That’s it. You need to be involved in the game. Referees and players are not opposites. We should be a big family. Using words like'please' and'thank you' is very helpful."

“事实上,球员们对裁判员了解得更多,并且了解他们的容忍极限。很多球员在每场比赛中都向你抱怨,但重要的是你如何与他们交流。我看到现在很多裁判员都太强大了,就是这样。你“我们需要成为一个大家庭。使用'please'和'thank you'这样的词会很有帮助。”

The referees are also fans, and they will also collect some souvenirs.


Graham Ball shared an interesting story in his autobiography "Seeing Red". He said that in Dortmund's game against Real Madrid, he missed a penalty.

Graham Ball在自传《 Seeing Red》中分享了一个有趣的故事。他说,在多特蒙德对阵皇马的比赛中,他错过了点球。

He apologized to Ronaldo during the intermission, and the Brazilian joked that Bol owed himself a favor. Ball responded: "I have made a mistake at the moment. If I open the back door for you, it will be two mistakes."


Boll wrote in his autobiography: "Zinedine Zidane was by the side at the time, and he laughed after hearing it. The French said: ‘There’s nothing wrong with your answer.’"

波尔在自传中写道:“齐纳丁·齐达内(Zinedine Zidane)当时在身边,听到后他笑了起来。法国人说:‘你的回答没错。’

Ball seized this opportunity to ask Zidane for the jersey. He went on to write: ‘It’s really funny that we exchanged tops, but I think it’s necessary to have a good relationship with the players. And I really wanted his jersey in particular, so at the end of the game, I happened to be out with Zidane.


"He began to take off his jersey in full view. The TV broadcast and the UEFA delegation also watched it. I said, "Not now, let's go to the locker room." He shrugged, surprised me. Under my gaze, I exchanged jerseys with Dortmund's Jan Koller. I thought to myself:'Forget it, you are not Kollina.'"

“他开始脱下球衣。电视广播和欧洲足联代表团也观看了。我说:“现在不行,让我们去更衣室。”他耸了耸肩,使我感到惊讶。在我的凝视下,我交换了多特蒙德的扬·科勒(Jan Koller)穿着球衣。我对自己说:“算了,你不是科利纳。”

But Zidane then gave Boll the jersey he wore in the first half. Ball also has a Liverpool jersey signed by Gerrard. The Liverpool captain wrote: "To Graham, the top referee." Ball said that the reason why he especially wanted a Zidane jersey was because Corina had revealed that he had collected a lot of superstar jerseys. Weber also got a shirt belonging to Ronaldo after the Portugal game against Sweden.


When Ronaldo played for Manchester United, Weber once regarded the Portuguese as a big trouble. He wrote in his autobiography: "C Ronaldo’s attitude towards me has completely changed. After the overtime, he walked straight towards me. , Which surprised me very much. He handed me his wet jersey, and he just performed a hat trick in that jersey.'You whistled great, I want to give this to you,' he said. Two sentences, then turned around to find his teammates."


Can fans accept the referee on duty to request a jersey in midfield or after the game? Hackett said: "I don't think it's appropriate to do this. There are 22 players on the court and you take one of them? Have you considered the feelings of the other 21?


"In continental Europe, players sometimes hand over their jerseys to referees. Rummenigge used to play for Inter Milan, once he walked up to me and praised me a few words, and then he gave me his jersey. Under the circumstances, you can't throw it back, but I think the referee shouldn't ask for souvenirs on the court. Because of the special status of the referee and the protagonist of the game is not the referee, we should try to reduce our exposure.


"I heard that Mark Halsey likes to collect jerseys, but that is just his personal hobby. In England, I don't question the personal qualities of any referee, but in other countries, I dare not say that."

“我听说马克·哈尔西(Mark Halsey)喜欢收集球衣,但这只是他的个人爱好。在英格兰,我不怀疑任何裁判员的个人素质,但是在其他国家,我不敢这么说。”

But the referee is also an ordinary fan in private, and when he meets a star he admires, he will inevitably be a little excited. Hackett can also recall the glorious years of George Best playing for Fulham.

但是裁判还是私人的普通粉丝,当他见到他敬佩的明星时,他不可避免地会有些兴奋。 Hackett还可以回忆起George Best为富勒姆效力的辉煌岁月。

Hackett said: "I watched him grow up step by step. He is an extraordinary player. People nowadays often ignore the bad field conditions in the early years. It is a pleasure to watch Best play.


"I remember the weather was terrible that day. After kick-off, people were talking about whether the game should be played another day. About 20 minutes later, Best said to me:'Referee, how long will the game be over? I said:'We just started. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! "


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