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British time last Sunday morning, shortly after Manchester City lost in the Champions League knockout and flew back to the club from Portugal, the team received some positive news.


De Bruyne won the Premier League Player of the Season award after failing to qualify for the Player of the Season of the Football Journalists Association of England.


Normally, such good news should immediately notify the players that they are right. However, in the context of the team being eliminated, some news still needs to wait. In Lisbon last weekend night, Manchester City encountered what may be the most embarrassing game in the four years of coaching coaches. As early as the first season of coaching, Gua Shuai led the team in the Champions League results were disappointing, but at the time everyone believed that the team would definitely pass this hurdle.


Previously, the Blue Moon under Guashuai was eliminated by Monaco, Liverpool and Tottenham in the Champions League. Every time the team can feel the shame and unwillingness. And this time losing to Lyon in the Champions League quarter-finals is the worst loss under Guardiola.


Under the coaching of Guashuai, Manchester City has made considerable progress. Their games are always fascinating and dominating. The team also won 2 Premier League titles and 3 cup titles during this period. However, the club signed him for more than that. Manchester City invited him to the team to conquer the entire European football scene. But their waiting continues-not only to win the game, to go further, but also to taste the taste of the championship. Guardiola's Manchester City are still struggling to reach the Champions League semi-finals (however they did it in the last season of Guardiola's predecessor Pellegrini), let alone make it to the final. And won the championship.


Of course, the players are also very disappointed. A source inside the team's locker room said that the atmosphere in the team's locker room after the defeat was "like a funeral." It is worth noting that there are reportedly a few players who have a decline in their trust in the coach during important games.


Few Manchester City players are in the mood for joking. This is the third consecutive season that the team has been eliminated in the quarter-finals in the Champions League, which represents the highest level of European football. Sources close to some of the Manchester City players seriously questioned Guardiola, the well-respected coach within the club, on the team's personnel selection and tactical arrangements on the night of the game.


After the game, Guardiola said that his team had trained on the five-man defensive system for three full days. Regarding such a tactical arrangement, he explained that the move was in response to the speed of Lyon's strikers when they attacked the joint area between the center back and the full back. This statement is true, but in simple terms, this arrangement has not worked at all.


The failure of this tactic is visible to the naked eye, and we don't even need to look at more statistics. By the 35th minute of the game, Lyon had already shot the goal frame more times than Manchester City, and won the same number of corner kicks as the number of positive shots. For a team that is inferior to Manchester City from many angles, this kind of performance has sounded the alarm for the handsome Blue Moon.


Somewhat strangely, at least one player thought that Guardiola’s five-man defense system was not aimed at Lyon during the training last week, but the real target was the semifinal against Bayern and possibly Paris. The final of Saint-Germain.


Judging from Guardiola's past coaching experience, it is not new for players to have doubts about his tactical arrangements. A former Bayern player recently told a friend that his teammates would frequently run to the sidelines to ask Guardiola or a member of the coaching staff "what are we doing?"-Guashuai was playing In the process, the tactical system is always adjusted on the spot.


On the other hand, Gua Shuai's tactical flexibility is always considered to be his best known trait. Earlier this season, the Manchester City players stated that 15 minutes of training was enough for them to take a 3-0 lead after the first half of the League Cup semi-final at Old Trafford.


But the defeat in Lisbon is not the first time Manchester City has used a three-back formation.


Before the restart of the league, the players at least showed no discomfort on the surface, and no one dared to accuse Guardiola. Even if Manchester City are as much as 18 points away from the league champion Liverpool, the players know that the status of the coach in Manchester City is unshakable.


However, Guashuai is not stupid. He must be well aware that any giant team in European football faces such a result, especially if the club fails to defend the league title at the same time, it will often lead to fatal consequences. After all, Juventus fired Sarri after the team was eliminated by Lyon in the Champions League 1/8 final, even if he led the team to successfully defend the Serie A championship. Of course, the situation between the two cannot be directly compared, but Sarri’s experience seems to explain that Guardiola’s choice to coach Manchester City is also to escape this cruel coaching environment in a sense. He does not want to choose that kind of " "Short-term coaching to make a lot of money" coaching experience.


If there is any difference between Guardiola and Sarri, then it should be said that Guardiola's role at Manchester City is diametrically opposite to Sarri. Prior to this, the Blue Moon executives had been working hard to introduce and retain him for many years. Manchester City are very clear that Juventus had an interest in Gua Shuai last spring, and the 49-year-old Gua Shuai's long-term wish is to start a coaching journey in more countries. This summer, Guashuai will continue to get strong support from the club in the transfer market. Ferran Torres and Ake have also joined the team. We can also look forward to what Blue Moon will do in the coming weeks.

如果瓜迪奥拉和萨里之间有任何区别,那么应该说瓜迪奥拉在曼城的角色与萨里截然相反。在此之前,蓝月亮的高管们一直在努力介绍和挽留他多年。曼城非常清楚,尤文图斯去年春天对瓜帅队产生了兴趣,而现年49岁的瓜帅队的长期愿望是在更多国家/地区开始教练之旅。今年夏天,瓜斯怀队将继续在转会市场上得到俱乐部的大力支持。 Ferran Torres和Ake也加入了团队。我们也可以期待蓝月亮在未来几周内将做什么。

Napoli central defender Coulibaly should be the club’s key signings, but a coach who has coached him revealed that Manchester City may think that the central defender lacks enough ball-handling ability to meet Guardiola's requirements in this position. . "If Guardiola wants to advance the defense like he did against Lyon, then Coulibaly's presence is very important, because his speed can meet the requirements of chase," the coach said. On the other hand, Manchester City is also looking for reinforcements at the left and front positions, but Guardiola should be unlikely to sign new aid at the central midfielder.

那不勒斯中央后卫库里巴利应该是俱乐部的重要签约人,但是一位执教他的教练透露,曼城可能认为中央后卫缺乏足够的控球能力来满足瓜迪奥拉这个职位的要求。 。教练说:“如果瓜迪奥拉想像他对阵里昂那样提高防守水平,那么库利巴里的存在非常重要,因为他的速度可以满足追赶的要求。”另一方面,曼城也在寻找左前位置的增援,但瓜迪奥拉不太可能在中央中场签署新的援助。

Although Guardiola's position is safe, it does not mean that all his players trust him. Some sources said after the team lost to Lyon that the relationship between the players and the coaching staff is still close, and the bond between the two sides is also solid. However, this does not prevent Manchester City players from discussing their concerns with their agents, friends and family members in private. On Sunday, multiple sources close to the team gave the same player evaluations.


Quite simply, the coach has messed up everything and the players are frustrated by this phenomenon.


In the 2017-18 season, in the first leg of the Champions League quarter-final at Anfield Stadium, Guardiola chose to remove Sterling and let De Bruyne appear in a position where he rarely plays. In the first leg of the Champions League quarter-final against Tottenham last season, De Bruyne, Sane and Bernardo Silva failed to appear in the starting lineup. In this game against Lyon, Guashuai's selection of personnel was once again confusing. The same is that Manchester City have been eliminated.

在2017-18赛季,在安菲尔德球场(Anfield Stadium)进行的欧洲冠军联赛四分之一决赛的第一回合中,瓜迪奥拉选择删除斯特林(Sterling),让德布鲁因(De Bruyne)出场,他很少打球。在上赛季对阵热刺的欧洲冠军联赛四分之一决赛的第一回合中,德布鲁因,萨内和贝尔纳多席尔瓦未能出现在首发阵容中。在与里昂的比赛中,瓜斯怀的人员选拔再次令人困惑。同样,曼城被淘汰。

In Lisbon, this team, which has always been known for cooperation and creativity, seems to have taken the initiative to "delete" its talents in the starting lineup. Mahrez, Foden, Bernardo Silva and David Silva all sat on the bench at the beginning of the game. Soon, the team's performance on the court made people feel very bad. Did Guardiola think too much about the undecided Champions League final again?


In February of this year, several people who had contact with Guardiola during his coaching career said in an interview that Guardiola always thinks too much on such occasions.


The former technical director of Bayern criticized Gua Shuai's actions as "it doesn't make any sense at all", and Mueller's statement is more cautious.


Such wording seems to be particularly eye-catching after Manchester City lost to Lyon. A source close to the Manchester City players said that the players were confused during training because the team used Guashuai’s preferred 433 system for most of the season, but the coach tore himself. The tactical book, for a team that won only 7th in the Ligue 1 and is outside the Champions League zone, re-established a tactical system. The source said: "I can't say anything, I'm speechless. The players are very disturbed. The situation was particularly bad against Tottenham and Lyon. It was really difficult, especially for the players. You have used it throughout the season. A tactical system, but when faced with such a game, he has changed."

在曼城输给里昂之后,这种措辞似乎特别引人注目。一位与曼彻斯特城球员接近的消息人士称,球员在训练中感到困惑,因为球队在整个赛季的大部分时间里都使用瓜帅的首选433系统,但教练却伤了自己。该战术书针对的是仅在Ligue 1比赛中获得第七名并且不在冠军联赛区域内的球队,从而重新建立了战术体系。消息人士说:“我无话可说,我无语。球员们非常不安。对托特纳姆热刺和里昂来说情况特别糟糕。这真的很困难,尤其是对于球员们。整个赛季你都在使用它一个战术系统,但是当面对这样的比赛时,他已经改变了。”

Another source who was in close contact with the players said that "the wheels of Manchester City's advance have flew out dramatically."


Some people who interact with the club every day refute this view. However, they have repeatedly questioned the decision to put Eric Garcia in the starting lineup. Guashuai just said last week that the 19-year-old central defender refused to renew his contract with only one year left. A source close to the team said that by sending a player who wants to leave the team (Garcia hopes to switch to Barcelona), it can be seen that this is a final sentence of death for Stones's career in Manchester City.

每天与俱乐部互动的一些人反驳这种观点。但是,他们反复质疑将埃里克·加西亚(Eric Garcia)列为首发阵容的决定。瓜帅上周刚刚说,这位19岁的中央后卫拒绝再续约一年。接近球队的消息人士说,通过派出一个想要离开球队的球员(加西亚希望转会巴塞罗那),可以看出,这是斯通斯在曼城职业生涯的最后一句话。

In fact, Garcia is also one of the players in the Manchester City team that performed relatively better in the game (regardless of whether Barcelona has the funds to sign him, Manchester City will certainly not give up the hope of keeping him at all costs).

实际上,加西亚还是曼城队在比赛中表现相对较好的球员之一(不管巴塞罗那是否有资金签下他,曼城肯定不会放弃不惜一切代价保住他的希望) 。

After the game, Guardiola said that the tactical arrangement is not the most important thing. Of course, it doesn't matter what the tactical system is, Manchester City's personal and team performance in the game is very bad. They gave their opponents too many good opportunities, but also missed a lot of good opportunities. And this seems to have become a portrayal of Manchester City in the 2019-20 season.


In addition to tactical arrangements and personal errors, some people also pointed out the discordant elements between Guardiola and some of his players. They believe that De Bruyne is the only player that Manchester City has made significant progress this season, and the progress of Sterling and Foden should be attributed to their own enterprising spirit and coaching training. Players such as goalkeeper Edson and midfielder Bernardo Silva have seen a significant decline this season. Understandably, as the second coach of the coaching staff Arteta left the team as Arsenal coach in the middle of the season, Guardiola therefore needs to cultivate and encourage players to face greater challenges during the course of the season.

除了战术安排和人为失误外,有些人还指出了瓜迪奥拉和他的一些球员之间的不和谐因素。他们认为De Bruyne是曼城本赛季唯一取得重大进步的球员,Sterling和Foden的进步应该归功于他们自己的进取精神和教练培训。守门员埃德森(Edson)和中场贝纳多·席尔瓦(Bernardo Silva)等球员在本赛季已经大幅下降。可以理解,在赛季中期,随着教练阿塔塔的第二任教练离开阿森纳队,瓜迪奥拉因此需要培养和鼓励球员在整个赛季中面对更大的挑战。

Guardiola does have an open attitude towards his players, but those who walk into his office to give advice rarely come out with excitement. But when an agent talked about Guardiola's communication methods, he quoted the legendary Kraft: "We discussed for 20 minutes and finally decided that I was right."


Manchester City has also had problems in the domestic arena. You will rarely see Guardiola using brilliant tactics to suppress opponents in English football. Somewhat surprisingly, Manchester City has lost three of the four derby games this season, was also defeated by Liverpool at Anfield, lost to Tottenham and Chelsea, and faced the past in the FA Cup semi-finals. The disciple Arteta's Arsenal was defeated.


However, in the past week, the team hardly felt the imminent doom in Portugal. The players happily enjoyed the seaside time in a coastal hotel. Players also play video games and golf between training sessions. At the press conference on Friday, Guardiola also acted very relaxed. He also showed patience and self-confidence when receiving questions from the media through video conferencing software. He even talked about the pleasant weather in Portugal, perfect training facilities and delicious red wine.


When the Manchester City vs. Lyon game began, four of the remaining five teams were striving for their first chance to reach the Champions League final. Paris Saint-Germain, RB Leipzig and Lyon, like Manchester City, are all working hard to chase and make history.


Guardiola will certainly not admit it publicly, but some players in the dressing room want to know whether Guardiola's selection of personnel against Lyon is part of the schedule for the next week. If Manchester City wins, they will face Bayern in the semi-final next week, and may reach the final at the weekend. Therefore, it is not impossible for him to consider the more important games in this game ahead of time. Of course, some people will say that Guashuai may think that the players on the bench are not suitable for defeating Lyon.


However, the team ultimately fell short of previous expectations and left Lisbon early, and the players will regroup next month after a vacation.


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