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Following yesterday’s article, today I will continue to talk to you about the other two outstanding young players in the U18 match against Burnley. One is a Spanish left-back who moved freely from Real Madrid this summer


Fussen came out of West Ham’s youth training system and then entered Tottenham’s youth academy. When he decided to leave Tottenham in early 2019, he received the attention of many Premier League clubs. In the end, Manchester United defeated Arsenal and other competitors to win at the age of 14. Fussen, and signed a professional contract with Fussen, who is under 16 years old, in April this year. In the 2019/2020 season, Füssen, who is only 15 years old, played 11 times for Manchester United, including 7 appearances for Manchester United U18 and 2 starts. At the same time, he is also the core of the England U16 national team, wearing the No. 10 jersey. If this season develops smoothly, it will only be a matter of time before Fussen jumps to England U18 and Manchester United U23.

菲森(Fussen)脱离了西汉姆(West Ham)的青年培训体系,然后进入热刺的青年学院。当他决定在2019年初离开热刺赛博体育app下载时,他受到了许多英超俱乐部的关注。最终,曼联在14岁的时候击败了阿森纳和其他竞争对手,赢得了胜利。菲森,并于今年4月与16岁以下的菲森签订了职业合同。在2019/2020赛季,只有15岁的福森为曼联出战11场比赛,其中包括曼联U18的7场比赛和2场首发。同时,他还是身穿10号球衣的英格兰U16国家队的核心。如果这个赛季发展顺利,福森跳入英格兰U18和曼联U23只是时间问题。

In the match played for Manchester United U18 last season, Füssen played more of the role of the team's right winger. In the U18 match against Burnley this season, Füssen started as a midfielder and scored two goals. , And threatened the opponent's goal many times. Fussen is a player with outstanding dribbling ability. Whether it is a one-on-one pass on the wing or a tandem organization in the middle, Fussen can rely on his dribbling ability to give himself a comfortable ball space and create for himself Better handle the ball route. While possessing excellent foot skills, Fussen's physical balance ability is also impressive. Although he has just turned 16 and his body is still developing, Fussen faces a defensive player who is a few years older and stronger Not afraid of physical confrontation, and when dribbling encounters physical confrontation, he can also protect the ball and maintain his body balance. Similarly, Fussen's dribbling pace and natural use of fake moves when holding the ball are also full of talent.

在上赛季为曼联U18进行的比赛中,富森扮演了球队右翼的角色。在本赛季对阵伯恩利的U18比赛中,菲森开始担任中场球员,攻入两个进球。 ,并多次威胁对手的进球。菲森是一位具有出色运球能力的球员。无论是在机翼上一对一的传球还是在中间的纵排组织,菲森都能依靠他的盘带能力为自己提供一个舒适的控球空间,并为自己创造更好赛博体育的控球路线。菲森(Fussen)具有出色的脚步技巧,其身体平衡能力也令人印象深刻。尽管他刚满16岁,而且身体仍在发育,但他面对的防守球员年龄要大一些,而且还要强壮。他不怕身体对抗,在运球遇到身体对抗时,他还可以保护球并保持身体平衡。同样,菲森运球的步伐和持球时自然使用假举也充满了天赋。

A tricky long shot from outside the penalty area and a volley after finding a good opportunity in the penalty area. Both goals showed Füssen's excellent attacking ability. As a midfielder, he played in the team's position during the war. The running position and response are also done very well, taking the ball in multiple positions in the midfield to form a series.


What Fussen needs to improve is his passing ability and passing awareness. In two counterattacks against Burnley U18, in one of them, Fussen did not distribute the ball to the running teammates in time as the ball holder. He chose to complete the finish by himself. On another occasion, although Fussen observed his teammates' running position, he took two more steps, which led to the defensive players in place and missed the opportunity to counterattack. And Fussen's ability to pass the threatening ball also needs more samples of the game in the front midfielder to observe. The 16-year-old Fussen, as a right winger and attacking midfielder, has a bright future in Manchester United, because the Manchester United youth team's right wing position lacks such talent as Fussen. Two goals are just the beginning. I hope Fussen will take over. Continue to grow in the next game.

菲森需要提高的是他的传球能力和传球意识。在针对伯恩利U18的两次反击中,其中之一,菲森没有将球作为持球者及时分发给正在奔跑的队友。他选择自己完成完成。在另一情况下,尽管菲森观察了队友的跑位,但他又采取了两个步骤,导致防守队员就位,并错过了反击的机会。菲森传递威胁球的能力还需要在前场中场观察更多比赛样本。 16岁的菲森是右翼和进攻型中场,他在曼联的前途一片光明,因为曼联青年队的右翼位置缺乏菲森这样的才能。两个目标仅仅是开始。我希望菲森能接任。在下一场比赛中继续成长。

As the leader of the 03 generation left-backs in Real Madrid's youth training, Real Madrid wants to renew with A-fee, but in the terms of the renewal, A-fee can only play for Castilla in the 22-23 season, plus Real Madrid has a strong reserve of left-back personnel, A-fee became a free agent and joined the Manchester United reserve team.


The 17-year-old is 1.84 meters tall and has excellent passing skills and passing vision. His long pass rate with his left foot is also very impressive. He can complete large-scale transfers in the backcourt and change the direction of attack. The ball goes to the center to participate in the offensive planning. A-Fee’s defense is more dependent on his outstanding awareness of the position and the anticipation of the opponent’s line to intercept. Tackles are rare. When he comes to England to play, A-Fee’s defensive aggression still needs Improve to deal with a more intense attack and defense rhythm. In addition to scoring a wonderful small angle goal in the Manchester United U18 debut, A-Fei and Emeran also played well on the wing, except for the common two-by-one wing and long pass. After the passing and running, Emeran also made full use of his own internal threats to create an opportunity for A-Fee to insert the edge, and A-Fee's ability to cross in this game is also impressive. Yiliang, low flat ball, half high ball, high ball pass accuracy rate is high, the wing back is sweet.

这位17岁的男孩身高1.84米,具有出色的传球技巧和传球视野。他左脚的长传球率也令人印象深刻。他可以在后场完成大规模的传中,并改变进攻方向。球传到中心参加进攻计划。 A-Fee的防守更多地取决于他对位置的出色了解以及对对手拦截线的预期。抢断很罕见。当他来到英格兰踢球时,A-Fee的防守进攻仍然需要改进,以应对更加激烈的进攻和防守节奏。除了在曼联U18比赛中打入一个精彩的小角度入球之外,阿费和埃梅兰在机翼上的表现也很出色,除了常见的二比一机翼和长传。经过传球和奔跑之后,Emeran还充分利用了自己的内部威胁为A-Fee插入优势创造了机会,并且A-Fee在本场比赛中的传球能力也令人印象深刻。易亮,低平球,半高球,高球传球准确率高,后翼甜美。

However, I personally believe that A-Fee’s future development path is full of variables. The outstanding ball ability, excellent height and mobility make it possible for A-Fee to develop in the direction of central defender or midfielder in the future, and his ability is U18 Appearance should only be an adaptation, transitional phase, in the mid-season A-fee is likely to represent U23 games.


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