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赛博体育:气懵郎平!朱婷怒怼铁榔头:不打排球了 我想去广东打工!

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Have you watched the movie "Win the Championship", which focuses on the Chinese women's volleyball team?


In the movie, Gong Li plays the Chinese women's volleyball coach


The movie focuses on the quarter-finals with Brazil. In order to mobilize the enthusiasm of the team members, Lang Ping has had many verbal encouragement and heart-to-heart. In order to make the off-court wisdom more artistic, he specially designed a conversation scene. In order to let the core figure of the women's volleyball team Zhu Ting break the knot, Lang Ping copied Yuan Weimin's cruelty. Practicing his own tricks, using very intense words to stimulate Zhu Ting, who was not confident enough at the time, so Lang Ping and Zhu Ting, played by Gong Li, had a dialogue like this:


"Why are you playing?"


"For my parents!"


"Then you will never be able to type! Think again!"


"For myself!"


"For your sake?"


"Be you! Be satisfied!"


"I don't want you to be me, and you won't be me. You will only be you!"


"You came from the countryside, don't use it to tell the story, you will think you are high when you go back to beat the workers' house!"


Zhu Ting in the play did not cry at this time. After the filming, she cried very much, because in reality she and Dao Lang are in love with their mother and daughter, and they have never talked like this. She had a mental impact with Dao Lang in another time and space. .

剧中的朱婷此时没有哭泣。拍摄后,她哭了很多,因为实际上她和刀郎爱上了他们的母女,他们从未像这样说话。她在另一个时空与道浪产生了精神上的影响。 。

In the film, Zhu Ting also offered a joke. When she recalled that she went to the kayaking team to try out as a child, she imitated the coach’s words in Henan dialect and said: "Daughter, where do you put this leg?" Henan accent, everyone Make up your own brain!


This is exactly the same as Zhu Ting who is open and humorous in reality.


Therefore, while everyone praised Zhu Ting's acting skills, many people also pointed out, "Zhu Ting's performance is not an acting skill. She is just acting herself, and all her words and deeds in the film are her true feelings."


Is this really the case? To Zhu Ting playing volleyball, parents borrow money from the whole village? Even going to work in Guangdong? In an interview, Zhu Ting responded to this matter.


In the interview, Deng Yaping and Zhu Ting talked about her hard childhood. Deng Yaping said: I heard that your parents were very supportive of you playing volleyball. Zhu Ting replied: Yes, very supportive. Then Deng Yaping asked, it seems that at that time, your parents borrowed money from the whole village to let you go to the sports school. Facing this question, Zhu Ting smiled, and replied very cheerfully: It's not that miserable. From this smile, we can see Zhu Ting's optimism.


Although he did not borrow money from the whole village, it was never easy. Zhu Ting said that at that time, her eldest and second sisters had to go to school. For a rural family, this was by no means an easy task. Fortunately, the tuition fees of sports schools are not much, mainly because the food is too expensive. When she was in elementary school, Zhu Ting only ate a dime for a meal, but when she came to a sports school, you had to exercise and consumed a lot of money, so eating was the most important thing.


Zhu Ting said that at that time, it was usually two or three yuan for a day's meal, but if you want to eat meat, it would cost twenty yuan. For a rural family, twenty yuan is definitely more. But compared with other people, I still have less. Then Deng Yaping concluded: Sports itself is suffering, that is, you have to endure hardship first, coupled with your physical condition and talent, family conditions are too good, can't endure the hardship, can't do the job, it's cruel.


In such a difficult environment, Zhu Ting did not stop her footsteps, she still became the backbone of the Chinese women's volleyball team and the most shining star of the world's women's volleyball team. Today's Zhu Ting, with her own efforts, has changed the situation of the family. The kind-hearted Zhu Ting bought a house and car for her parents, so that her parents who have worked hard for a lifetime can have a happy old age.


From the above details, we can see Zhu Ting's real childhood living environment. Zhu Ting was born in 1994 to an ordinary farmer's family in Zhudhui Village, Qiuqu Township, Dancheng County, Zhoukou, Henan. Parents of rural background had no experience in sports competition. It can be said that Zhu Ting entered the volleyball field entirely because of his outstanding height. There are a total of 5 children in the family, and she is the third child. Because of the poverty of the family, Zhu Ting, who was in elementary school, his father wanted her to work.


"I don't want to play ball anymore, I want to work in Guangdong."


At that time, Zhu Ting was only 12 years old. It is indeed unacceptable to go out to work at this age. Later, if it weren't for a phone call, perhaps Zhu Ting now really became a working girl. It is reported that Zhu Ting, who was 12 years old at the time, had already reached 1.7 meters! The school's physical education teacher discovered this special child and felt that it was a pity not to practice sports with such a good advantage.


After that, Zhu Ting's father received a call from the school teacher. The teacher said Zhu Ting was talented in sports and recommended Zhu Ting to a sports school. At first, his father felt that even physical education was useless. Finally, Zhu Ting's father agreed with the teacher's painstaking enlightenment. At first, Zhu Ting called and complained to her parents. Her father said that he would insist on 3 months, but he would return to work if he didn't work. After getting used to high-intensity training, Zhu Ting also stayed, and finally became what she wanted.


Watching the movie "Win the Championship", some fans said that Zhu Ting was really a "drama", especially the phrase "is it free" when Lang Ping gave her protein powder, which made people both funny and sad.


In the real world, this detail does exist.


As the so-called Maxima is easy to find, Bole is hard to find. The same is true for the women's volleyball team. There may be a lot of talented seedlings, but for the talent to be maximized, it is really necessary for Bole to come forward. Fortunately, the Chinese women's volleyball team has Lang Ping to guide this Bole.


When the national team failed to pick up, it was Lang Ping's guidance with his meticulous care and strict training to make Zhu Ting and other Xiaohua grow into world-class players.


In 2013, the 18-year-old Zhu Ting became famous in the Swiss Classic and became the top scorer of the Chinese women's volleyball team. In April 2013, Lang Ping served as the head coach of the women's volleyball team. In the face of these talented little flowers, Lang Ping’s teaching students in accordance with their aptitudes made people astounded.

2013年,年仅18岁的朱婷在瑞士经典赛中成名,并成为中国女排的最佳射手。 2013年4月,郎平担任女子排球队的主教练。面对这些才华横溢的小花,郎平以其才华横溢的教学方式使人们震惊。

For Zhu Ting, who is 197 cm tall and weighs only 70 kg, her problem is that she is too thin, which is a potential hazard for Zhu Ting's development. But Zhu Ting happened to have a physique that did not gain weight, even if she could not get fat even if she ate meat. This made Lang Ping anxious.


Fortunately, the guidance of Lang Ping found a plan. She bought protein powder for Zhu Ting from the United States at her own expense to "feed" Zhu Ting. After passing the training program guided by Lang Ping, Zhu Ting's muscle building plan finally succeeded, and her weight gained 78 kg.


In an interview, Lang Ping recalled: "At first, when Zhu Ting went to the national team, she really didn't dare to give him weight. Her body was too soft and she didn't have the strength to train her. Later, she ate protein powder for athletes. Only after gaining muscles can I dare to train for him."


Of course, Lang Ping's guidance does more than that. For women's volleyball girls, Lang Ping's guidance is the same as his mother. Last December 10th was Lang Ping’s 59th birthday. As Lang Ping’s number one disciple, Zhu Ting wrote on Weibo: "Seven years, I have grown up, you are not old, the best time! Happy birthday to you! We continue to rush forward hand in hand!"


In addition to posting an article about Lang Ping's birthday, Zhu Ting also posted a photo of her teacher. This photo is a classic moment when the Chinese women's volleyball team won four championships. Zhu Ting took a close photo with her teacher. The backgrounds of these four championships were the 2015 World Cup in Japan, the 2016 Rio Olympics, the 2017 Grand Champions Cup and the 2019 World Cup in Japan. The four championships in the past seven years have not only made Zhu Ting the best player in the world, but also created a new glorious era for the Chinese women's volleyball team.


Whether it's the Chinese women's volleyball team or the movie "Win the Championship", in fact, our own story does not need to be summarized by any ready-made established template. It is tactful, tough, and collective, condensing the characteristics of the times and our own struggle. Ceaselessly. "Winning Championship" is a group drama. If you want to say who is the protagonist, you can only say that it is the Chinese women's volleyball team itself.

实际上,无论是中国女排还是电影“夺冠”,我们自己的故事都不需要用任何现成的既定模板来概括。它是机智,强硬和集体的,凝聚了时代特征和我们自己的斗争。无休止地。 《夺冠》是一部集体戏。如果要说谁是主角,那只能说是中国女排本身。

The film uses two peak periods to complete the echo of the old and the new, because the social environment, training conditions, competition requirements and pressures faced by the women's volleyball team have undergone tremendous changes over the past few decades. The spirit of the women's volleyball team that we have always praised can travel through time and space and be passed down by generations of women's volleyball players.


Before winning the championship, we endured humiliation;


After winning the championship, we are confident and free;


Because of hard work, success or failure is gain;


Don't be afraid to waste, the dark clouds will always be clear.


Large countries, small individuals, should have such a strong heart, smile at the bumps on the road in the future, and reap the most brilliant fruits of life.


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