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赛博体育|足球无双 | 汽车品牌与足球(六):亚洲与美国品牌

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Our serialization enters the final issue in this issue. After watching Europe, the core area of ​​football and cars in the world, let's take a look at other areas where football and cars are also barren. Because Japanese companies spend most of their funds on public relations and public relations, such as the H brand, the chief sponsor of the 315 gala that still advocates reliability under the fermentation of various "doors," and the T brand, which never tries new technologies, Their funds are sufficient, but they are used for public opinion guidance and creating "artisans" instead of positive publicity, so it is difficult to find them in the football world. This is not a pity, because the three views of these brands determine their actions.


So in the last issue, let’s take a look at General Motors, the representative of the United States of America. They have at least one ambition to make progress. GM once held the top spot in the auto industry for many years, but time has passed. In terms of stock market, sales volume, profit, and scale, they have all given up their top spot and even the second and third place. Many of his brands, such as Chevrolet, Buick, Cadillac, etc., have already withdrawn from most of the global market, or in other words, they are still mainstream brands only in Greater China and North America. This is embarrassing, but this can only be attributed to its own indisputability.


Going back to football, GM's presence is still sufficient. Almost all European football fans know that they are the chest sponsor of Manchester United, although the Chevrolet brand is currently only available in a handful of markets in the world. GM's ambition to build Chevrolet into a global brand can still be seen. Sponsoring Manchester United represents their long-term plan. Unfortunately, the plan is sometimes so unsatisfactory.


I think Santoku was so energetic when he was holding coffee. I wanted to sign a sanitary napkin brand to attract more female fans for Manchester United. After a fierce operation, he found a brand from the other side of the Atlantic. At that time, their brand was big enough, their ambitions were far enough, and the brand image was enough to be closely related to feminine products. Therefore, it hit it off and the two sides agreed to sign a multi-year contract.


Manchester United and GM signed a marriage contract with each other in 2012, and then the new advertisement was officially launched in the 2014-15 season, allowing Manchester United fans to finally have a car brand full of a sense of belonging. Afterwards, the two parties renewed their contract for 7 years in 2017 to give Manchester United fans the opportunity to update their cars. It is a pity that GM has no intention of renewing the contract recently. It is estimated that the Chevrolet brand and Manchester United's market layout are actually very inconsistent. After all, Chevrolet has degenerated into a regional brand with only the North American and Chinese markets. Half of the Chinese market is also lingering. Instead of spending huge sums of money to print the Red Devils shirts in some markets where there is no Chevrolet car to buy, it is better to tighten money to survive the current difficult period.

曼联和通用汽车在2012年彼此签署了结婚合同,然后新广告在2014-15赛季正式发布,从而使曼联球迷最终拥有了一种充满归属感的汽车品牌。之后,两方在2017年续签了为期7年的合同,为曼联球迷提供了升级汽车的机会。遗憾的是,通用汽车无意最近续签合同。据估计,雪佛兰品牌与曼联的市场布局实际上是非常不一致的。毕竟,雪佛兰已经沦为仅在北美和中国市场的区域品牌。一半的中国市场也在徘徊。与其在一些没有雪佛兰汽车可以购买的市场上花大量钱印刷Red Devils衬衫,不如收紧资金以度过当前困难时期。

But is it only Chevrolet that is difficult? Obviously not. The hardest part is actually the players. Chevrolet provided some Manchester United players with 15 free cars when it first sponsored that year, hoping that they could use these cars as their daily vehicles. These players include Rooney, Van Persie and Falcao. It is a pity that these players turned on deaf ears, and none of them retrieved the car keys. Chevrolet wanted to repeat the classic marketing case of Audi and other brands becoming players' cars, but the success was defeated. Which brand of Manchester United players like to buy and drive now? As can be seen from the picture below of this training camp, there is no doubt that it is Mercedes.


It is a pity that Mercedes-Benz likes its own children. Stuttgart is not interested in sponsoring Manchester United. Otherwise, Manchester United players will not be embarrassed to refuse Chevrolet every year.


Finally, let us move to Asia and take a look at another brand with ambitions in the football field, South Korea's Hyundai.


The development trend of modern brands in the global market is much better than that of Chevrolet, so it also has more sponsored teams. From the above picture, the five major leagues happen to be one by one with a comprehensive layout. Some of them are not chest sponsors, but the modern choice can be described as unique. The five selected teams are all upstarts who are rising in their respective leagues.


For example, although Roma is not as good as Milan Juventus in Italy, they are cost-effective and have a lot of potential as a capital team. Although the new American owner may not love the team as much as Kroenke, there will certainly be modern names on the list of direct beneficiaries of business development capabilities.


Hyundai was once the main sponsor of Lyon. The two parties had already cooperated as early as 2012, but because Lyon found a new funder, Emirates, Hyundai had to take a back seat. But this is not to blame modern times, because Lyon's status is no longer what it used to be. The birth of the new king, the former prince Taibao is also a good resume.


So many breast-fingers must have said, how come this is not what it used to be? Data is always the biggest nemesis of impression flow. Through the latest 2020 Emirates sponsorship amount of five teams, it can be clearly seen that Lyon's status is much higher than that of Serie A's AC Milan and Portuguese giants Benfica. I know that someone sees this place and has to pop out countless ones, but, because, wait and see, they are eager to maintain their own impressionistic prejudices that have been eliminated by the times. It does not matter, it is unnecessary, because Leon never needs to be keen on looking in the mirror. A fan of Qing Dynasty who is narcissistic with his braids.


This is the end of the football and car serialization. Finally, let us take a photo with the newly built stadium in Lyon, and look forward to more high-quality sponsors entering the football field, squeezing out those gambling websites or companies that sell bad hobbies.


When you take your children to watch the game, you can proudly answer the child’s question: "Mom and Dad, what is the logo on the chest of this team?"


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