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(source: Nie Sheng liquor)


On October 10th, the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday just ended on October 10th, the Go players are about to usher in a new journey. The second "Anglikang Cup" China·Shengzhou Wangzhongwang Go Tournament will start in Shengzhou, Shaoxing, Zhejiang. Ke Jie, Lian Xiao, Yang Dingxin, Tang Weixing, Xie Erhao, Fan Tingyu, Mi Yuting and Ding Hao competed for the title of "King of Kings".


   In March 2019, the first King of the Kings Tournament was born in Shengzhou, and the game adopted a double elimination system. In the course of the game, the peaks of the game rose one after another, and the seven-time champion Ke Jie, who had the highest voice for the championship, unexpectedly lost his second consecutive defeat early. At that time, the youngest player, Cher Hao, was thrilled to resurrect from the loser group and finally counterattacked to win the championship.

2019年3月,首个国王争霸赛国王在Sheng州出生,比赛采用了双淘汰制。在比赛过程中,比赛的顶峰一浪高过一浪,而七次夺冠的冠军柯洁却意外地早早输掉了自己的第二连败。当时,最年轻的球员雪儿(Cher Hao)激动地从失败者团体中复活,并最终反击赢得了冠军。

   Chess Saint Nie Weiping delivered a speech at the closing ceremony, saying that this game reminded him of the past 40 years ago. In 1979, China's first unplanned Go game, the New Sports Cup, was held. This was the first commercial Go game (with bonuses) after China's reform and opening up. Coincidentally, the match system used in that match was the same double elimination as the king of kings match. Nie Weiping, who won the championship, was also resurrected from the loser group and defeated the champion of the winner group, like this time Xie Erhao. Holding a cup. Nie Weiping recalled: “I won the championship at that time and the prize money was 80 yuan. Now the prize money of the competition is thousands of times that of the previous year. Forty years later, Shengzhou held this competition, which is of great significance.”

国际象棋圣聂维平在闭幕式上致辞,说这场比赛让他想起了过去40年前。 1979年,中国举行了首个计划外的围棋比赛,即新体育杯。这是中国改革开放以来的第一款商业化的带奖金的围棋游戏。巧合的是,在该比赛中使用的比赛系统与国王比赛中的双重淘汰相同。赢得冠军的聂卫平也从失败者组中复活,并击败了获胜者组的冠军,就像这次的谢尔好一样。拿着杯子。聂卫平回忆说:“当时我获得了冠军,奖金是80元。现在比赛的奖金是上一年的数千倍。四十年后,Sheng州举办了这项比赛,这具有重要意义。”

  Due to the impact of the new crown epidemic, the 2nd King of Champions Tournament originally scheduled to start in March 2020 had to be postponed to October, and the double-elimination system was also adjusted to single elimination. But everything is the best arrangement. Let us raise the wine glasses and wish the eight chess players a wonderful performance, and continue to use black and white chess pieces to interpret the moving story.


  October 13th, after the King of Kings game is over, Ke Jie, Yang Dingxin, Tang Weixing, Fan Tingyu will also rush back to Beijing to participate in the new Nongshim Cup. From October 13th to 16th, the 22nd Nongshim Shin Ramen Cup World Go Team Championship will have four games in the first phase online. In addition to the above four world champions, the Chinese team will also have Koo Zihao, the world champion lineup Very luxurious.

10月13日,万赛博体育app下载王之战结束后,柯洁,杨鼎新,唐维兴,范廷玉也将赶回北京参加新的农心杯。 10月13日至16日,第22届农心新拉面杯世界围棋锦标赛将在第一阶段在线进行四场比赛。除了以上四项世界冠军之外,中国队还将拥有世界冠军阵容非常豪华的顾子豪。

   On August 22, the decisive battle between China and South Korea at the 21st Nongshim Cup seemed to have happened yesterday. Ke Jie turned the tide and blocked the four-game winning streak Park Ting-hwan, once again leaving the Nongshim Cup in China. After the game, the whole country was in joy, and the news of such a Go game once rushed to the fifth place in the hot search on Weibo.


Nie Weiping commented on Weibo "Good! Good! Good!", some netizens joked: "Lao Nie just had a good drink, Nie Erliang, but I am afraid that two and two are not enough today?!" The starting point of the Chinese Go Legend in the China-Japan Go Challenge The Nongshim Cup is another glorious moment for Chinese Go. The interaction between Nie Weiping and Ke Jie two ring heroes makes people feel that the past is like yesterday.


   "Go, exists in order to connect the ancient past and the distant future." This is a classic line in the comic "Gossman". In fact, the same is true for fine wine. Nie Shengjiu (to the sky) exists to record the various exciting moments of Chinese Go.

“走,存在是为了连接古代和遥远的未来。”这是漫画《 Gossman》中的经典系列。实际上,优质葡萄酒也是如此。聂生久(向天空飞翔)的存在是为了记录中国围棋的各种激动人心的时刻。

   Golden Autumn October, let us continue to drink the wine of celebration.


(Midnight sun)




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